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Audio Analysis and Restoration
As standard analog audio tape ages, it begins to decay, thereby placing your important masters at risk. Before this happens (and even sometimes, afterwards!), it is still possible to rescue such priceless treasures by digitizing and processing the results so that degradations and imperfections in the quality of the sound are minimized or eliminated altogether!

Once your recordings are converted into digital format, analyzed for identification of audio defects and restored to pristine quality, they can then be stored permanently in digital format, which is much less susceptible to damage/degradation over time. Unlike analog recordings, these digital recordings can then be copied an infinite number of times without loss of quality!

For our legal clients, we offer highly specialized forensic audio analysis and restoration services that are especially designed to enable law firms and their clients to definitively establish the identity of speakers and to return to audibility conversations that are either poorly recorded or which have degraded over time and/or through damage to the source recordings.

Our team of voice identification specialists are skilled in both aural as well as objective voice identification techniques, both of which are needed in order to develop compelling expert witness testimony and legal reports.

We pride ourselves providing a cost-effective service to the general public, who often find themselves 'outgunned' by well-resourced companies and public authorities with virtually unlimited access to funds to defend themselves against legitimate claims of injustice.