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Whether you're goal is to produce a full-blown CD recording for major label distribution or a demo to showcase your writing or performing talents, the final mastering phase is just as important as the rest of the production process, yet it is often overlooked by new and emerging artists.

Once you begin to include more than one track on your CD, you must consider such issues as level matching and tonal matching among tracks, alongside such matters as making sure that your project sounds great on various systems where it might be listened to, not just in a recording studio context.

For example, for dance club tracks, a small frequency boost is desirable in a range that will make your music sound as if it is practically jumping out of the speakers and staring you right in the face!

Whereas classical music designed for car radio/car CD playback might require some compression, in order to reduce the extremes of dynamic levels, thus compensating for the 'masking out' of very soft sounds (though you would most certainly not want to do this for listening on a home hi-fi system, where dynamic contrasts are precisely what bring the music to life).

Our mastering engineers are very experienced and skilled in the use of the latest software plug-ins for mastering, and can work closely with you to develop ideal, fully-polished results that will give your project a distinct advantage over recordings where less attention to detail is given to the mastering phase.

We can even help you to prepare your recordings for streaming web broadcasts and artist websites by outputing audio data files in the latest compressed audio file formats.