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The Singing and Performance Workshop

Programme for Corporate Singing Days

•  Introductions and discussion of participants' musical interests, experience   with music and singing.

•  Group instruction in breathing and voice production

•  Vocal exercises and group singing

•  Introduction to the microphone and experience of walking on stage and introducing each others' performances. Practice speaking the text of the song into the microphone

•  First run through of individual songs. Shy individuals may sing with other participants or along with the instructor.


1. Discussion of performance anxiety issues and "Inner Game of Music" concepts that aim to shift the individual's focus from self-consciousness to the activity at hand

2. Discussion of the concept of constructive criticism and instruction on how to give specific suggestions for improvement of performance.

3. Second run through of individual songs

4. Participants may then perform a second song, a blues improvisation or a short 5 minute business presentation.

The instructor creates a safe environment for all participants to relax, experiment and have fun. Special sensitivity is taken with shy participants, who will receive support and encouragement to do as much as they are able to do.