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Park Ridge, NJ
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Studio Rates

Toy Gun's rates are competitive and reasonable, starting at $55/hr, including the services of a qualified and experienced studio engineer, for all recording, editing, mixing and mastering sessions.

We offer bulk day and half-day rates as follows:

8-hour block of time (may be spread across two or more dates) - $350
4-hour block of time (may be spread across two or more dates) - $200

For larger projects we offer mind-boggling discounts.
For example:

Book a 20-hour block for only $750!
Book a 40-hour block for only $1200!

No hidden charges -- you pay exactly what's listed here

2009 End-of-Year*

Combined 8-hr vocal coaching/recording package for only $350
    • 4-hrs of vocal coaching & preparation with Lori Joachim Fredrics
     • 4-hrs of recording studio time with qualified engineer
     • Ideal for singers/actors wishing to produce a demo recording

(*=valid for bookings made before 1 January 2013)

Onsite Location Recording Rates:
For special projects where a large or specialized recording space is desired, for example, when recording a church choir, large concert grand piano, or orchestra, we can help you to locate a suitable venue to record.

We don't take a commission on the hiring of the hall, and can provide free consulting on the best type of places to record, based on your specific needs and budgetary requirements.

For onsite recording, we charge the following rates within the Greater NYC area, which includes the services of an audio engineer and use of portable multitrack hard disk recording system:

$45/hr* (2hr minimum)
6-hour block of time - $225*

Mixing and mastering of location recordings billed at regular hourly/bulk studio rates.

Travel outside of the Greater NYC area billed at cost.

Park Ridge area customers receive a 10% discount on all location recording projects.

*=(especially complex and/or extensive multiple microphone setups billed slightly higher rates -- contact us for further details)

Audio Analysis and Restoration
Our hourly rates start at $100/hr for our highly-specialized noise reduction and audio analysis services.

As with all of our other services, we offer bulk rates for larger projects
For example:

4-hour block of time - $300
8-hour block of time - $500

We write expert legal reports for civil and criminal cases and can provide expert witness testimony in court at our regular hourly rate of $100/hr, with discounts as listed above for more involved cases.

We can also take old recordings in a variety of formats and restore them to pristine or near pristine quality that is guaranteed to be an improvement over the current fidelity your old noisy recording.**

Contact us for a free estimate on our restoration and analysis services.

**=results vary depending upon the condition of the original recording.

Musician Hire:
Toy Gun has arrangements with top-notch studio musicians for your project should you need to hire additional instrumentalists, singers, or even an arranger/producer.

While rates do vary, depending upon the skill/experience of the musician, they normal start at approximately $150 for a 3-hour session per musician.

Visit our Talent page to listen to examples of our available session singers and voice-over specialists.